Core Focus

AppZone is deploying disruptive digital technologies to enable financial inclusion, automate banking and facilitate payments.

Financial Inclusion

Our technology platforms enable financial institutions deliver fit-for-purpose services to the under-banked informal sector in a profitable way.

Digital Banking

We are on track to digitize and fully automate Banking as we transition African Banks from brick and mortar to fintech and digital.


Digital Payments

AppZone is dis-intermediating and proliferating digital payments thereby laying the foundations for a truly cashless economy.


Our Fintech Value Proposition



 End-to-end Automation  Digital Delivery Channels



Cognitive Services   In-house Development Platform


End-to-end Automation

We are replacing expensive and rigid manual processes being outsourced by Banks or managed in-house with agile and fully automated alternatives



Digital Delivery Channels

We are enabling the full utilization of digital alternatives for financial service delivery including human-assisted and self-service options



Cognitive Services

We apply cutting edge algorithms to extract deep insights from customer data and real-time interactions for better decision making and to enhance customer experience


In-house Development Platform

We enable small inhouse development teams within Banks to rapidly create and launch digital offerings that include mobile apps and self-service portals.