AppZone speeds up debit card activation with short code

02 Feb AppZone speeds up debit card activation with short code

With its vision to make financial services universally accessible and affordable for all, AppZone continues to digitize the activities of micro finance banks through BankOne by enabling debit card activation via USSD. This solution makes it possible for customers to choose the initial pins for freshly issued debit cards, using their mobile phones by dialing a USSD code.

Currently, to activate a freshly issued debit card, MFB customers need to visit a local branch or an ATM terminal of the issuing correspondent commercial bank to activate their cards. Using this solution, combined with the proprietary instant card issuance platform, also from AppZone, MFBs can significantly reduce the turnaround time, from card request to actual usage, to levels comparable with even the most advanced commercial banks.

Convenience is an aspect of banking that makes it easier to promote financial inclusion which is one of the values of AppZone to digitize banking services and other areas of the economy.

Announcing the commencement of this service in Lagos, AppZone’s head of agent banking business, Ikenna Ezeokwelume, said the introduction of the USSD card activation is in line with the company’s values to place small and medium retail financial institutions on the same level with commercial banks by digitizing their activities and ensuring convenience for their customers.

Also, the process is safer and cost effective; eliminating the need for banks to print pin mailers with default pins which is very expensive and prone to fraud.

Ezeokwelume also explained the turn-around time from card production to issuance. “Combined with AppZone’s instant issuance solution, customers can be instantly linked to cards, choose a pin via USSD, and commence usage of the card all in minutes. This can happen as there is no need to print pin mailers, thereby significantly reducing card production time for new customers”.


This is the first of its kind in Africa and probably worldwide.


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