BankOne now issues Freedom Cards

05 Nov BankOne now issues Freedom Cards

In the bid to improve electronic payments and provide all available services to MFB customers, MFBs running on bankOne now has the option of issuing Freedom cards. Freedom card is owned by 3line a company passionate about reaching the underbanked and un-served communities in Nigeria through its card schemes.

Freedom card is a local brand of card scheme that operates using DDA (Dynamic Data Authentication) which is said to be best in terms of card security and also complies with the industry standard all over the world.  BankOne customers using Freedom cards also get the advantage of linking two bank accounts to function on one card. Bankone also supports the issuance of verve and MasterCard.

BankOne provides its financial institution customers with a world class core banking solution, and an electronic financial transaction platform in partnership with electronic payment providers. It also provides financial institutions with complete and tailor-made automation of operations at an affordable rate, and minimal requirement for IT infrastructure and expertise.

With over 250 MFBs on its platform, BankOne continues to achieve its vision of enabling the entire Microfinance industry segment remain competitive, achieve rapid growth, operate profitably, and make a significant economic impact.

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