Results from numerous studies have shown that majority of the adult population in Nigeria and Africa are financially under-served. This phenomenon has been attributed primarily to the cost structure and traditional mode of delivery of Banking services that relies heavily on highly sophisticated and expensive branches and personnel. The convenience and customer intimacy offered by informal financial entities to fill existing gaps has been very appealing to customers and profitable to operators.
However, due to lack of sufficient regulation, capitalization and technology, these informal services have proven to be unreliable and even costly to users who sometimes lose large sums when such entities suddenly go bankrupt or seize to exist.

Recently established regulations to significantly reduce requirements for opening accounts as well as legitimize the use of third party entities to deliver Banking services have opened opportunities to combine low cost operations and remote reach of third party entities with technology, stability and legitimacy of regulated financial institutions in order to achieve wide-spread adoption of basic financial services especially among the un-banked and under-banked.


Network of agents that use cloud-based solutions and portable devices to deliver Banking services to remote customers on behalf of financial institutions


  • Strategically located fixed and mobile agents to increase customer reach

  • Outsourced agent and customer information management technology thereby reducing cost of servicing target customers

  • Automated loan application assessment to reduce risks associated with lending

  • Transaction prefunding by agents to reduce risks associated with cash handling

  • Convenient cash pick-up from customers for savings, transfers, or loan repayments

  • Quick and easy customer access to funds using agents, ATMs and mobile phones

  • Quick and easy access to loans for qualified customers

  • Instant account opening and service profiling by agents


  • Accelerated growth in low-cost deposits within Banks

  • Accelerated growth in Bank retail customer base

  • Extra income to Banks from transaction charges and commission

  • Reliable security of customer funds with anytime accessibility

  • ROI to customers from saved funds in the form of interest paid on savings balances

  • Easy and quick customer access to external finance for business growth

  • Increased Banking convenience for customers through nearby agent outlets, mobile agent visits and electronic self-service


Quasi core banking application for hosting low value accounts

Centralized agent enrollment with information and transaction management

Branchless account opening, deposits, withdrawals and card issuance

Mobile originated loan application processing with automated workflow

Monitoring and optimization of agent activities using GPS based geo-tracking

Intelligent credit scoring based on data analytics and machine learning