Digital Payments


Zone is a social m-commerce platform and ecosystem based on proprietary instant messaging technology and embedded into Mobile Banking apps.

  • Asides transforming the person-to-person payment experience, Zone connects merchants to mobile Banking users thereby enriching Bank mobile apps with social ecommerce capabilities.
  • Zone facilitates the building of merchant communities and sharing of product/service content within such communities
  • Zone allows merchants receive payments in physical outlets, on websites and directly from within the Zone app environment.

Zone switch is a peer-to-peer transaction processing platform based on Blockchain technology.

  • Zone’s Blockchain switch is deployed within datacenters of banks to enable each bank consummate inter-bank transactions without requiring any intermediary.
  • Zone Switch digitizes, automates and fully dis-intermediates all operations involved in the processing of electronic financial transactions
  • Transaction processing operations managed by Zone switch include authorization, clearing, settlement, reconciliation, back-office posting and reporting.