Financial Inclusion

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BankOne is an integrated core banking and digital channel management application for microfinance banks.

  • AppZone offers BankOne as a shared service on secure cloud infrastructure to manage day- to-day operations and enable digital service delivery for the Microfinance Industry.
  • BankOne is the only platform that integrates MFB core banking functionality with digital channels like Mobile App, USSD, PC Browser, ATM, and Agent locations on a single platform.
  • AppZone has established partnerships with most commercial banks in Nigeria thereby leveraging their reach and relationships to on-board MFBs.

CreditClub empowers bank-led agent networks to deliver Banking services to remote customers in the informal sector particularly where there are no branches.

  • CreditClub also provides a complimentary independent network of roving and stationary agents that use CreditClub technology to service customers on behalf of banks.
  • Basic Banking services available through CreditClub include instant account opening, cash deposits, cash withdrawals, transfers and loan origination.
  • CreditClub also supports instant card issuance and USSD provisioning to enable customer have instant access to newly created accounts.