In 2003, commercial Banks in Nigeria successfully rolled out Bank-branded debit cards. As consumers overcame initial skepticism, they began to experience the benefits of 24hr access to cash as well as oversees payments at the point of sale or over the internet. These developments, while creating rapid growth, also intensified competition since typical card services offered the same value. Also, manual Back-office operations became resource intensive and in many cases unable to support the levels of card issuance and usage.

Banks therefore needed to find innovative ways of differentiating their offerings to niche markets while automating key service fulfilment and support operations. Unfortunately, existing systems were not able to address key innovation and process automation challenges that existed. Traditional Card management systems, for instance, did not provide any significant features to automate Back-office operations. In addition, these systems came across as complex and rigid thereby failing to address the need for on-going innovation. Banks have recently resorted to adopting, multiple systems to satisfy various specific market and operational requirements. This approach is increasingly proving to be expensive, unmanageable, non-viable and ultimately un-sustainable.


Prime is a card management platform-as-a-service that provides integrated hosting, transaction processing and end-to-end process automation services as well as end-user development environment for debit, prepaid, and credit cards


  • Management of card data and customizable rules for card usage

  • Instant card issuance in-branch with instant EMV data preparation and chip personalization

  • In-built integration to local and international card schemes for issuer processing

  • End-to-end automation of internal card operations including production, issuance, settlement, reconciliation, and issue resolution

  • Mobile and web user interfaces for self-service access

  • Complete programmatic access to features for Interoperability and integration to self-service channels

  • Bundled tools and on-going services to create and extend functionality


  • Increased speed, efficiency, control, security, and visibility of internal card operations

  • Ability to issue instant Cards with full expiration periods and varying expiration dates within a month

  • Enhanced customer acquisition and retention due to innovative product differentiation

  • Reduced overall cost of card technology systems and services

  • Reduced IT resources and complexity associated with on-going maintenance of card systems

  • Increased service reliability due to higher availability, better performance, reduced failure points, and superior maintenance practices


Comprehensive Magnetic stripe and EMV data preparation

Rules-based transaction processing with PIN & Cryptogram verification

Instant chip personalization and issuance of cards in branches

Mobile and web-based self-service for card-holders to modify settings

Auto-reconciliation of settlement amounts against authorized transactions

End-to-end credit card application workflow and intelligent scoring

Hosting and rules-based processing of credit and prepaid card balances

PCI DSS compliant case management workflow with multi-level escalation

Automated posting of settlement entries into Bank CBAs

Comprehensive APIs for third party platform integration