The Nigerian retail sector has continued to witness momentous growth as a result of a few key trends including increased urbanization, a growing population, a rising working class and associated increase in purchasing power. To tap into the opportunities presented, more knowledgeable and exposed entrepreneurs and business entities are entering into the retail space to compete. An overall increase in awareness about technology and best practices amongst operators has motivated micro, small, and medium retail enterprises to fully automate and streamline their operations.

While the MSME retailers in Nigeria struggle with basic automation and electronic payment acceptance in stores, the needs of consumers continue to evolve with growing desire for convenient online shopping anywhere. Retail businesses are now faced with the challenge of setting up and managing online stores and integrating such stores to electronic payment systems and courier service providers. These require significant investments, and logistics to implement and somewhat advanced software systems and technical know-how to manage. Most of which micro, small and medium retailers do not have access to.


An Integrated Point-of-sale, web storefront and payment solution for micro, small and medium retail businesses delivered from the cloud as a pay-per-use service


  • End-to-end automation of retailer core operations

  • Low cost hardware components and solution deployment model

  • Mobile-compatible online store-front with integration to courier services

  • Integrated in-store and online payment acceptance

  • Automated reconciliation of settlement Bank account

  • Automation of Banking, payment and financial processes

  • Financial and operational management support


  • Increase in efficiency, control and visibility of retail business operations

  • Extended distribution reach through electronic self-service channels

  • Reduced level of required investment in IT infrastructure


Android & windows In-store apps for touch screen operations

Central stock management for multiple physical and electronic outlets

Mobile compatible web-store with shopping cart and e-payment acceptance

Flexible definition of products, categories, pricing and promos

Fast and simple sales entry with in-built e-payment acceptance

Web and mobile mall for aggregation of multiple merchants

Direct access to Bank account for reporting, payment, reconciliation, and others

Financial accounting and reporting including P&L, Balance sheet and trial balance etc